A Message from Claudia


Dear Friend and Neighbor,Alvarez, Claudia RSCC Trustee 2013

It has been a privilege and pleasure to represent you these last several years as your Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee.

My colleagues and I have worked hard to make sure our tenure as your representatives improved  your quality of life.  There are many successes we can point to that show our efforts have been worthwhile. We have a lot to celebrate!

I’m most proud of several meaningful accomplishments I have led during my tenure.

Safer Campuses:  We have professionalized our safety department.  Our officers are more experienced, are properly trained and are well-equipped to handle emergency situations ranging from active shooters to natural disasters.  Our campuses are better lit, our communication systems are drastically improved and our partnerships with the Santa Ana Police Dept. and the Orange Police Department are well established.   Services are also in place for safe reporting, quick emergency response to student needs and overall crime prevention.

Bachelor’s Degrees:  Under my leadership in the Legislative Committee, we moved forward Board Policy that required our college district to compete statewide for the ability to offer a Bachelor’s Degree Program at one of our campuses.  As a result, Santa Ana College was selected as one of only fifteen colleges to offer such program.  We proudly developed an occupational therapy program from which over 20 of our students have graduated with a full Bachelors Degree out of Santa Ana College!

Centennial Education Center:  We are proud to offer our community adult education classes at Centennial Education Center.  We serve over 10,000 students a year in their quest to complete their GED, learn English and achieve greater things in life.  Most recently, after having worked for years on a meaningful long term lease, we have reached a tentative 85 year agreement with our City.  This would allow for meaningful investment in its infrastructure that includes joint use of a library.

I’m proud of the accomplishments we have achieved to date. I have learned and grown from this experience.  Our students are amazing and extremely inspirational.  I look forward to continuing working for you, and them, in my capacity as Santa Ana Mayor in the very near future.

Best Always,

Claudia C. Alvarez

President, RSCCD Board of Trustees