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Deputy District Attorney Claudia Alvarez
Announces Bid for Santa Ana Mayor

The Former Mayor ProTem’s Deep Roots and Experienced
Leadership Make Her The Best Choice For Mayor

October 23, 2019
Contact: Ben Escobedo, 626-716-1053 |

Santa Ana, CA – Today, Senior Deputy District Attorney and former Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia C. Alvarez has launched her campaign for Mayor of her hometown of Santa Ana. Alvarez brings a breadth of experience as a career prosecutor, former Santa Ana councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem, and as a College Trustee. She has deep roots in the community and will bring needed experience and leadership to Santa Ana. Alvarez released the following statement announcing her candidacy:

“I am proud to announce my campaign for Santa Ana Mayor to continue to serve and work with our community to make sure our city is moving forward. My deep commitment to my hometown has never wavered and I look forward to making the necessary improvements to help Santa Ana get back on track. Santa Ana deserves a Mayor who will put people first.

During my time as a councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem, I worked hard to build a better quality of life and keep our residents engaged in their community. I was proud to work with our neighborhoods, key community organizations, business associations and our workforce. We made our community safer, guided our youth, increased access to higher education, created job opportunities, and expanded economic development.

During my tenure, nearly 90% of our residential streets were repaved, we achieved and maintained financial stability despite recession challenges and our parks and open spaces were better kept. Having chaired the Public Safety Committee for several years, I was proud to have Forbes Magazine name Santa Ana the 4th safest city its size.

Santa Ana has great potential. However, our city today faces many challenges. Homelessness is at an all- time high with only temporary solutions, our infrastructure could use some much needed improvements, our city finances are not stable, taxes are up and businesses are hurting and shutting down. Sadly, Santa Ana is not as safe as it once was and the community relationship with our police has taken a toll.

I believe in Santa Ana, always have. I’ve had the honor to serve our community as a Deputy District Attorney, a College Trustee and as your former Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem. As your Mayor, I will use my experience and commitment to our city to lead and work with our council for a better Santa Ana”.

Claudia Alvarez has provided a lifetime of service to her community as a public servant and civic leader. Claudia is a career prosecutor for Orange County and serves as a Deputy District Attorney. In the past twenty years, Alvarez has prosecuted gangsters, sex offenders, arsonists and other violent criminals. Claudia has also addressed juvenile delinquency by prevention and rehabilitation efforts and teaching kids and their parents about gangs and drugs. Mental Health issues are also a top priority of hers.

Alvarez was first elected to the City Council in 2000 where she was also able to serve as the city’s Mayor Pro Tem for six years. During her twelve year tenure on the council, Alvarez fought for safer neighborhoods, improved infrastructure, and clean affordable water. She also ensured responsible development. Alvarez partnered with our business community to ensure economic vitality and worked jointly with our education partners to build better schools. As a public employee herself, Claudia was able to successfully and responsibly negotiate employee contracts that addressed our workforce needs but also were within the means of our city’s budget.

Currently, Claudia serves as a board member for the Rancho Santiago Community College District advocating for resources for student success and workforce training for the community. Claudia led the way in securing a Bachelor’s Degree program for Santa Ana College and chairing the safety committee, oversees the implementation of necessary safety measures to ensure a safer learning environment for our students.

Claudia has been a proud homeowner in our Washington Square Neighborhood for over 20 years. As a Santa Ana life-long resident, Alvarez attended our local public schools: Fremont Elementary, Spurgeon Jr. High, Santiago High School, Santa Ana College and Cal State Fullerton. Claudia earned her Juris Doctorate Degree from Loyola Law School and thereafter, attended Harvard University while completing the John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for elected officials.

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