Experienced Homegrown Leadership


Claudia Alvarez was raised in our community, having lived in Santa Ana for over 40 years. She attended our local public schools: Fremont Elementary, Spurgeon Jr. High and Santiago High School, graduating in 1987. She is a proud homeowner in Washington Square where she has resided for over 20 years.

Alvarez started her higher education career at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), in biology. She soon realized that her passion to serve the public would best be realized by choosing a career in law instead. By taking core classes at Santa Ana College concurrently, she went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree from CSUF in 1991, majoring in criminal justice with a minor in political science.

Claudia earned her Juris Doctorate Degree from Loyola Law School and was admitted to the California State Bar  in 1994.  Thereafter, Claudia completed Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for Senior Executives in State & Local Government and their elected counter-parts.

Career Prosecutor

Claudia has dedicated her life to keeping our community safe by serving as a prosecutor in the Orange District Attorney’s Office.  As a Senior Deputy District Attorney,  Alvarez has vast prosecutorial experience.  During her 20 year tenure, Claudia has prosecuted gangsters, sex offenders, arsonists, drug traffickers and other violent criminals.  She has also prosecuted white collar crime.

Claudia has also devoted much of her time specifically addressing juvenile delinquency with prevention and rehabilitation efforts. Addressing mental health issues is also a top priority for her.

A Lifetime of Service

From the Beginning…..

Alvarez took interest in public service early on, serving in many student organizations in high school, and being part of the Associated Student Board of Directors at CSUF. While in college, she also volunteered for crime prevention programs like the Orange County Bar Foundation’s Shortstop program and worked at the North Orange County Superior courthouse.

Loyola Law school also provided public interest opportunities for Alvarez, volunteering at the Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation helping seniors with legal paperwork and victims of domestic violence.  Claudia also volunteered at the Conflict Resolution Center at Loyola Law School, helping the surrounding community resolve conflict.

Serving the Community….

In addition to serving as an Orange County Deputy District Attorney,  Claudia has been active in many community organizations that provide essential services to our community. Claudia has been a mentor for the Puente (Bridge) and Hermanita (Little Sister) programs, has served as president of the Hispanic Bar Association, vice president of KinderCaminata and president of MANA (Orange County Chapter)- A National Women’s Organization.

Claudia has also served as a board member of  Community Service Programs (CSP), an organization dedicated to serving Orange County residents through programs addressing issues in gang prevention, victim/witness, domestic violence, transitional housing and youth shelters.

Claudia has also volunteered for years with the District Attorney’s Office at our local elementary schools in our award-winning gang prevention program GRIP. Claudia, with her colleagues and partners in law enforcement, teaches our 5th grade students the dangers of taking drugs and joining gangs. Students are also encouraged to follow their dream careers and taught what it takes to get there. Most importanly, Claudia also teaches parents what to look for and how to prevent their child from joining a gang.

And Leading the Way.

City of Santa Ana Council Member/ Mayor-ProTem  (2000-2012)

Alvarez was elected to the Santa Ana City Council in November 2000, re-elected in 2004 and in 2008 with over 78 percent of the vote. She served as Mayor Pro-Tem in Santa Ana for six years (2006-2012). Alvarez also led as chairperson of the Public Safety Committee celebrating the end of her tenure with Forbes magazine ranking Santa Ana the 4th safest City its size.

Orange County Water District Director/ President (2006-2012)

Alvarez also served on the Orange County Water District board for six years representing the City of Santa Ana.  She served as President of the Board for the last two years of her term, celebrating the end of her tenure with the successful expansion of the Groundwater Replenishing System.

Rancho Santiago Community College Board – President (2012- present)

Alvarez has had the privilege of serving as your RSCCD Trustee for the last seven years.  She currently serves as President of the Board.  During Claudia’s tenure, she has led the way in ensuring our students receive a quality education, including opportunities in a Bachelor’s program at our own college.  Our campuses are also safer and more prepared to handle tragic events thanks to Claudia’s leadership.  Local jobs have also been created during her tenure and focus has been placed on meeting the needs of today’s workforce.

Claudia appreciates and is grateful for the opportunities her education has provided and, through her service on the Rancho Santiago Community College District board of trustees, strives to insure SAC and SCC students have the same success starting with a quality educational experience.